Reflecting on online identities

Speaking on social media in 2010, CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stated: “I’m trying to make the world a more open place” (Vargas, 2010). Despite Zuckerberg’s light-hearted comments, social networks, such as Facebook, have the potential to perpetuate negative social effects on people due to the open nature of the platform.

After reading Emily’s blog and the subsequent discussion that followed within the comments section, I have now become more aware of the issues that can arise from identity theft online. As discussed by Jones (2017), online identity theft has reached ‘epidemic levels’, with 89,000 recorded cases of it in the first half of 2017. Social media has acted as the catalyst for enhancing this issue, as it is now much easier to access an individual’s name, photos, birthday, and address on platforms such as Facebook:

topic 3 facebook page

Source: (Walker, 2018)

After reading Tom’s article, in which he discusses how he has made some changes online to his social media accounts to reduce the risk of identity theft and leaving a negative digital footprint, I have decided to make some changes to my approach on social media. Despite having multiple online identities which are often associated with safer practice online, as discussed in my previous article, I feel that a few changes to my online actions will help maximise my security online:

topic 3 safe online

Infographic created through Canva (2018)


To conclude, this weeks topic has taught me a lot about the dangers that are associated with having singular, multiple, and anonymous online identities. Becuase of this, as well as reading my peer’s work, I have decided to make changes to the way in which I use social media, as discussed above, to help protect myself on the web.


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My comment on Bivash’s blog

My comment on Emily’s blog


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Walker, L. (2017). How to edit your Facebook profile. [online] Lifewire. Available at: [accessed 29 Apr. 2018].


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